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CCC Search Tips

Finding case digests:

On the left of each page you will find a menu and on the top of each page there is a "Search Text" and a "Legislation" box.  These facilities are constant and will appear on whatever page you may be on.  The "Search Text" box can be used to find all digested cases on the site with a certain name or part of a name.  Entering the name "Nattrass" will bring up not only Nattrass v Marks & Spencer Ltd, Nattrass v Timpson Shops Ltd, Tarleton Engineering Co Ltd v Nattrass and the seminal Tesco Supermarkets Ltd v Nattrass, but also a further 16 digests where "Nattrass" does not appear in the name of the case but is referred to in the text of the digest.  If "Trade Descriptions Act" is selected from the drop down menu in the "Legislation" box only those cases citing both "Nattrass" and the TDA will be found.  The "Legislation" box can also be used independently to locate all cases on the site relating to particular legislation.

Once you have made a search, the "Order by" box on the results page will give you the option of ordering the digests found either alphabetically or by the year in which the cases were decided.

To commence a fresh search of the whole site it is not necessary to return to the Home page.  Such a new search can be made using the constant search boxes.

Should you not know the name of the case you want or you are looking for cases on a particular subject, e.g. "abuse of process", you can use the Search Text box to search for specific words.  There is also a Keyword list in the menu which may assist you in determining the subject you are interested in.  You may click on the keyword in the list to find all relevant cases on the site.  If the word you want is not amongst the keywords, you may still enter your own word in the Search Text box. 

Once you have found the case digest you want it is likely to have the name of the related legislation at the foot of the text.  This may be clicked to bring up other cases dealing with that legislation.  There are also likely to be references to other digested cases which may be clicked in order to view them.  This will enable you to move effortlessly around the site to find the authorities you are interested in.

Finding legislative text:

The text of most of the legislation referred to in the case digests can be found using the links to the website which can be found in the menu under "Legislation Links".